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High-Quality Solar Shades for Riverview Home and Business Owners

Made in the Shade South Charlotte is a leader in the North and South Carolina window fashions. We are well known for the highest quality standards and fashion-forward window treatments. Why choose Made in the Shade South Charlotte:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Innovation
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship
  • Affordable Pricing

At Made in the Shade South Charlotte, serving the Riverview, SC area, our customers often ask us about the feasibility and viability of solar shades. The benefits are plenty and talk to a trained Made in the Shade South Charlotte consultant about your needs and read on to learn more.

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The Solar Shade Visibility Factor – Riverview

Solar Shades are available in many colors, styles, and visibility factors to achieve the needs and wants of the Riverview home and business owner. “Visibility” refers to the visibility through the shade. The higher the visibility factor, the larger the weave of the fabric. In addition to visibility, light is also controlled by the fabric. Darker-colored fabrics allow in less light as opposed to light-colored fabrics. Additionally, each fabric controls glare, heat, and natural light and supplies UV protection differently.

Solar Shade Fabrics – Riverview

More specifically, the difference between light and dark colored fabrics goes beyond the visibility factor. Light-colored fabrics reflect more heat and allow increased light into the room as opposed to a dark-colored fabric. Light-colored fabrics are an excellent lighter alternative when windows are small and in areas where a lighter, brighter environment is preferred.

Dark fabrics, on the other hand, are superb at controlling glare by reducing the visible light slipping through the fabric. Darker fabrics will absorb some heat and keep it at the window until the warmth dissipates throughout the room. Darker fabrics work specifically well in spaces where you will enjoy slight solar warming while still offering glare control.

Differentiating Solar Shade Properties – Riverview

Solar shades, from Made in the Shade South Charlotte, offer Riverview home and business owners differentiating properties and benefits that set them apart from the rest:

  • Maintains great outward visibility, even when shade is completely lowered
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimizes glare on TVs and computer monitors
  • Wide variety of ultramodern textures and fabrics
  • Perfect choice for commercial applications, such as office buildings, restaurants, and schools

Do not forget, solar shades are a practical exterior option to provide protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays and heat, as well as added privacy and add motorization for convenience at the touch of a button

Solar Shades in the Riverview, SC area

Made in the Shade South Charlotte offers custom blinds, shades, shutters, and window treatments to home and business owners alike. At Made in the Shade South Charlotte, our experienced professionals will make your shade design experience one you won’t forget. Together they will collaborate with you to find the perfect solution for your Riverview home.

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